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Ingmar van der Poel

Software engineer, security & data protection officer

Ingmar van der Poel

Ingmar is a Software engineer, Security Officer and Data Protection Officer at Peercode.
As a Security Officer he has a good overview of all implemented measures. His background in software development enables him to understand the technical side of these measures and influence the design and implementation of the software.
The combination of the Security Officer role, Software developer role and the Data Protection Officer role enables him to deliver good, secure software, make the appropriate arrangements and ensure compliance with the law.

Ingmar likes to be creative. For example he likes developing 3D landscapes. He has many interests. It triggers him to try out new things. He is never afraid to ask the scary 'why' or 'how' question, and because of his many interests he often does. Where at first it started out as creating small web-applications as a hobby, he made it his profession with the same amount enthusiasm. Ingmar earned his Bachelor’s in Informatica at the University of Utrecht. Before his career at Peercode, he worked as a software engineer at BasiCall. This company operates in the callcenter branch. Here he developed further both the client and server software.

His motto: “Every project has its challenges, and every challenge can be overcome.”

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