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Ethics code


In this ethics code, you will read what the core is from which Peercode employees work. The code also applies for interns and for employees of external parties, that carry out work for or on behalf of Peercode.

Values and conduct

Every Peercode employee:

  • shall treat every client, colleague and external business relation with attention and respect;
  • is accessible and approachable;
  • empathises with others and enter into dialogue to clarify what is needed;
  • is competent and knows what his/her strong and weak points are;
  • takes responsibility for solving problems and can always ask for help and advice when doing so;
  • instils confidence and offers room for responsibility;
  • works in a collegial, safety-conscious and solution-oriented manner;
  • meets his/her commitments and, in the unlikely event that this is not possible, communicates this himself/herself;
  • adopts an inquisitive attitude and requests feedback on his/her conduct and performance;
  • considers what he/she can do for the organisation and those with whom we collaborate;
  • knows what is cross-border in our society, acts accordingly and is approachable in this regard;
  • identifies what has become undesirable in their own work environment and what is good but can be improved;
  • can explain – even to a critical outsider – that he is acting with integrity;
  • can count on fair treatment by his/her manager and employer.

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