Projects for our clients

A few examples of the clients in our client group, ranging from sport brands, high-tech startups to multinationals. In principle, the projects are always undertaken based on an intensive dialogue with our clients, in which an iterative, user-centred development process is followed.

Allergy Diary by MACVIA ARIA

MASK-air App

Smarter Pregnancy [Slimmer Zwanger]

Smarter Pregnancy

Reuma [Rheumatism] App

Reuma App

Wisely pregnant [ZwangerWijzer]


COPD information platform [Mijn Luchtpunt]

COPD info platform

Dutch Firefighters Coach

Brandweer Coach

KLM Health Services

KLM Health Services

Fysergo Care - client tracking system

Fysergo Care

B2C Europe customer pages

B2C Europe Customer Pages

Swinxs, the first games console that can be used outdoors

Swinxs, outdoor playing computer