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Smarter Pregnancy

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The client

Erasmus Medisch Centrum, Prof. Regine Steegers - Theunissen

The challenge

Smarter Pregnant consists of a web application for computers and the mobile telephone and uses SMS and e-mail messages. Smarter Pregnancy is a self-help programme that starts before the pregnancy to improve the dietary and lifestyle habits of couples wanting to have children by means of personal coaching.

Smarter Pregnant (old design) website on mobile device

More than half of expectant parents have one or more unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits. This is detrimental to fertility, the pregnancy and the child.
Pregnant smarter is based on 25 years of scientific research and has been developed according to the latest scientific insights. Pregnant smarter coaches the user by means of his/her mobile telephone and by means of a website. After registering, an intensive dialogue follows based on question and answers so that the programme can provide relevant recommendations by SMS and e-mail messages.

The approach

Based on extensive functional specifications that are developed in consultation with the client, the building of the service is started. All domain knowledge is placed in an Excel sheet so that amendments and changes can be made by specialists of the Erasmus MC itself. The Excel sheet can be uploaded in the application. By developing the service based on highly extensive specifications and by integrating a number of iterations and test phases, the project is delivered on schedule and within budget.