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Fysergo’s client tracking system Care

Fysergo Care website screenshot

The client

Fysergo BV

The assignment

The process of consultation, treatment, reporting, invoicing and handling all of the information flows between the healthcare professionals and agencies is complex and error-prone. Fysergo asked Peercode to come up with a solution to enable this entire system to run more effectively, efficiently and reliably.

The approach

The client tracking system Care enables Fysergo to facilitate all of the processes between professionals (company doctor and physiotherapist), clients and care-providing institutions (health insurer and occupational health and safety service). Given the large number of involved parties, the choice was made for an application based on Internet technology.

The Result

The Care system has already been successfully operational for many years and has not been further expanded in terms of functionality. Based on a study by a large insurer, Care proved to perform impeccably.


Contents of Care: Fysergo
Technology: Peercode