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Mijn Luchtpunt

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The client

Boehringer Ingelheim

The challenge

MijnLuchtpunt App for iOS

Patients with the chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) are now treated based on the measurement of their lung function. It is true that lung function determines the seriousness of the disease, but has little to do with the number of complaints that people experience due to their COPD. Measuring complaints and the health status by means of a questionnaire seems to be a suitable method for guiding the treatment of COPD in daily practice. The Clinical COPD Questionnaire (CCQ) consists of 10 questions in three categories: complaints, the functional status (what patients are still capable of and what they do) and the mental status (how they feel when doing so).

The solution

Mijn Luchtpunt is a self-management tool with which, among other things, the CCQ questionnaire can be completed. In addition, what is new is that patients can invite their healthcare providers to view their information. Using the dashboard, the healthcare provider can examine exactly how the patient is doing. This is ideal to be able to provide personal support to the patient for a better life with COPD.

One of the modules within the application is Mijn Medicatie (My Medication). In this module, the patient can select his/her inhalation medication and indicate at what time(s) of day the medication must be inhaled. If desired, the patient can receive a reminder of this.