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Reuma App

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The client

Erasmus MC, Department of Rheumatology (in the Netherlands), Prof. Mieke Hazes and Annemarie de Vroedt

The challenge

Rheumatism comprises more than 100 chronic diseases affecting the joints muscles and tendons. Nearly 2 million people in the Netherlands suffer from a form of rheumatism. Anyone can develop rheumatism at any age. 61% of rheumatism sufferers are younger than 65 years old. Children can also develop rheumatism. Rheumatism often damages the sufferer’s social life, work and school performance.

The approach

The Reuma App (Rheumatism App) asks the user questions on various topics that users themselves choose, for example, about exercise, work, medication or pain. Based on the answers, the user receives information and tips.

The medical logbook provides insight into the patient’s clinical picture. Patients can keep track of how they feel each day.

Reuma App on mobile device

The Reuma App’s schedule function helps the user remember what medications must be taken at what time and when the user has an appointment with his/her rheumatologist.

Videos of various exercises for the entire body, promoting the flexibility of the joints. Practical tips on how people can do things more easily in a different way, for example, when wringing out a rag. A game explains to users in a playful manner how inflammatory rheumatism works. The Reuma App offers questionnaires with which the user can measure and compare over time how things are going with his/her rheumatism. This is important to discuss with the rheumatologist.

The app is easy to use and combines pragmatism with a thorough scientific basis. The tool was developed by the Erasmus MC under the guidance of Prof. Mieke Hazes. The symptom ratings that patients enter each day are recorded using validated tools that offer insight into the degree of disease activity.