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Brandweer Coach (Firefighters Coach)

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The client

Various Safety Regions including: Safety Regions Kennemerland, Gelderland Zuid and Twente in the Netherlands

The challenge

Brandweer Coach App on iPad Mini

The unique nature of the job of firefighters makes a pre-employment medical assessment and periodic medical exam necessary. The goal of these examinations is to determine that firefighters can carry out their work without danger to themselves, their colleagues and for others and that they fulfill the requirements that the work sets for that.

With the now developed Pre-Employment Medical Assessment (PEMA) [Aanstellingskeuring] and Periodic Health Examination (PHE) [Preventief Periodiek Medisch Onderzoek], the firefighting sector has validated tests that connect with the Pre-Employment Medical Examinations Act [Wet op de Medische Keuringen].

The approach

The new PEMA and PHE shall be introduced in all Safety Regions in the near future. To allow the introduction to be successful, Peercode has developed the Brandweer Coach app. Brandweer Coach consists of a mobile app (Android en iPhone) and website that help repressive firefighters to prepare themselves optimally, both mentally and physically, for the PEMA and PHE and in turn for firefighting work in general.

Overview of the tools (to be used both by means of a website and mobile telephone):

  • Description of the BBT Condition Test based on short video clips;
  • Sport passport: Firefighters see their results, development of their condition and performance and get motivated to take on issues that can be improved;
  • Management information and extensive statistics;
  • Fittest: Description of what the Fittest involves and how this must be carried out based on short film clips;
  • Training programmes: Both general training programmes (10km running in 45 minutes) and specific programmes developed in consultation with the sports instructor are offered.