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Swinxs, the first games console that can be used outdoors

Swinxs Games website screenshot

The client

Peercode (own innovation process) and, at this time, Swinxs BV.

The challenge

Brainstorming on the train to come up with something new and fun for kids. Next, building prototypes, testing, building new versions, testing, etc.

The Result

The world’s first games console that children can use to actively play outdoors. This wish of many parents is fulfilled by Swinxs. This games console – a robust, brightly coloured plastic box – has no screen, but is equipped with sensors and ‘speaks’. The Swinxs comes with wristbands equipped with an RFID chip. This enables the console, for example, to see who reaches the console first or when a child is safe at home base during hide-and-seek. The games encourages kids to be active and stimulates their creativity, explains Eduard Zanen, founder of the popular Bugaboo pram and investor in this product, conceived and developed by Peercode.

Swinxs games are geared towards children aged 4 to 12 and can be downloaded from the Swinxs website. Game developers themselves can develop games using an open platform. With Swinxs, games such as tag, hide-and-seek, races, musical chairs and completely new games are possible. The computer can also tell stories with assignments or present a quiz. Swinxs went on sale in late 2008 for 150 euros in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and England.


Peercode BV and Swinxs BV

Swinxs has stopped

In 2020 Swinxs BV operations are stopped. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to buy a new Swinxs or download games. You can of course continue to enjoy the fun games on your Swinxs!