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ZwangerWijzer (Wisely pregnant)

ZwangerWijzer website screenshot

The client

Erasmus MC and Perined

The challenge

With good preparation, there is a lot that people can do to promote the proper course of the pregnancy. In this way, people become pregnant more intelligently! Why prepare for the pregnancy? If someone knows in advance that she herself or her child runs certain risks, in many cases, a great deal can already be done about this before the pregnancy, for example, by modifying one’s lifestyle, taking folic acid pills or having certain tests carried out. If that is done when someone knows that they are pregnant, some measures cannot be taken in time.

ZwangerWijzer website on mobile device

The approach

ZwangerWijzer helps in the preparation for your pregnancy. It is a questionnaire with which, in about 15 minutes, every woman can determine whether there are risks for herself or for her future child. Preparing for a pregnancy is something you do together. For that reason, the questionnaire is for women and men. The site also provides recommendations, for example, about taking folic acid on time, healthy eating and stopping smoking and the healthy consumption of alcohol.

When the questions are answered, at the end, the user receives an overview of the responses. This overview can be downloaded. If it appears that there are risks for the pregnancy or the baby, the user receives more information about that on the website. The idea is for this to be discussed with the GP or doctor or obstetrician. If necessary, the GP or obstetrician shall refer the user to a specialist, such as a gynaecologist or clinical geneticist.