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MASK-air Data Viewer screenshot

MASK-air is a mobile phone application for Android and iOS. A Diary Data Viewer website has been created for MASK-air to share data collected on users phone with health care provider during appointment.

The Client


The Challenge

Develop an App and web service for patients with allergic rhinitis. MASK Air is the best available application for monitoring allergic rhinitis - also called hay fever - according to health care professionals (doctors, pharmacists) and patients. The MASK-air application has been developed by internationally-renowned allergists and has been scientifically validated.

Skills involved / Peercode’s contribution

Graphic-, UX design, Web and mobile Software Development, Hosting and RA/QA Med consultant

Peercode colleagues Michiel van Eerd and Govert de Vries are co-authors of several international peer-reviewed scientific articles published by the MACVIA ARIA consortium (an Asthma and Rhinitis NGO).

The Approach

The goal of MASK-air (Allergy App) aims to help patients affected by allergic rhinitis, allergies or asthma to monitor their symptoms. The app enables patients to register their symptoms and medical treatments as well as indicate the impact on their daily life. The app aims to empower these patients to actively participate in the management and control of their disease and facilitate communication between the patient and their health care provider.

MASK-air App op mobiel device

Users can track their overall allergic symptoms, as well as independently tracking their nasal and ocular symptoms. Users with asthma can also track their overall asthma symptoms. All symptoms are tracked using simple visual analogue scales that have been used in multiple clinical studies. In addition to tracking symptoms daily, users can also record daily medication use. The data captured over time, tracking symptoms with medication use, permits patients and health care providers to optimally assess symptom control and inform treatment decision-making. A data viewer is available that allows the patient to easily share his/her data with his/her HCP during an HCP appointment and allows the HCP to quickly interpret the symptom management of the patient, based on different scores.

Intended use

The intended use is to help patients affected by allergic rhinitis, allergies and asthma with monitoring their symptoms and informing them on the status of control of their condition. This is empowering them to actively participate in the management and control of their disease and facilitate communication between the patient and their health care provider.

The application does not suggest any specific treatment decisions, it is solely a supportive tool for the patient.

Intended users

Patients affected by allergic rhinitis, asthma or allergies and their health care provider.
The app is not intended for minors (children under 18).

Clinical benefit

The MASK-air app aims to help patients with allergic rhinitis, allergies and asthma to monitor their symptoms and to inform the patient on the level of control of their disease. This is done by tracking the symptoms and VAS-scores over time. The VAS-score is the clinical outcome parameter on which the level of control over disease is based.


Under the MDR, the European legislation for Medical Devices, the MASK-air app is a class IIa medical device. Peercode is Legal Manufacturer and has successfully certified MASK Air at Notified Body Kiwa-Dare.

The MASK-air App is available in more than 27 languages for iOS and Android. Terms of Use / Privacy Policy and the labeling are available.

See also the publication "Transfer of innovation on allergic rhinitis and asthma multimorbidity in the elderly (MACVIA-ARIA) - Reference Site Twinning (EIP on AHA)".