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in2sports becomes Peercode


On 1 November 2012, two major changes took place at in2sports.

  1. We have a new company name. As of now, our name is Peercode instead of in2sports. The background for the name change is that, in addition to the field of sport and health promotion, increasing numbers of clients have had projects carried out in the medical field. The name ‘in2sports’ raised questions and also had confusing associations.
    Why the name ‘peercode’?
    The name Peercode is a combination of the words “Peer” and “Code”.
    ‘code’ software development is an important part of the company,
    ‘peer’ also has a strong association with the web/computers (i.e. peer-to-peer, peer review, etc.).
    But also:
    ‘peer’ (Dutch for ‘pear’) refers literally to the pear orchards in the Geldermalsen region,
    ‘code’ because we code and translate the wishes of our business relations and our own ideas into inspiring applications.

  2. Our company has moved house to a more spacious office building. The growth of clients and projects and the corresponding growth in the number of employees left us in need of a larger office building. In this new office building, we also have the opportunity to organise workshops and brainstorming sessions and to guide more graduates.

    The new address is:
    Oudenhof 4c
    4191 NW Geldermalsen
    The Netherlands
    tel. +31 (0)88 008 4100

    Thus, only the house number has changed (from 14b, to 4c).