Minister Bruins enthusiastic about Choice Support Blood Glucose Meter


On Monday, June 11, 2018, the Dutch Minister Bruno Bruins (VWS) launched the “Keuzehulp Bloedglucosemeter (Choice Support Blood Glucose Meter)” during the “Goed gebruik Hulpmiddelen (Good Use of Aids)” congress.

According to the Minister, this new tool, which was co-developed by Peercode, patients and doctors, offers reliable information for finding the right blood glucose meter. Based on this information, they can decide together on the optimal and most appropriate care for the medical and personal situation of the patient.

The kind words of the Minister are not only a token of appreciation for the efforts of the National Diabetes Federation (the client) and the Vilans knowledge centre (the project's managers), but also for the work of Peercode, who were responsible for the technical creation of this tool.

Based on the most convincing tender, Peercode was asked to build the website (in Vilans house style). Peercode also had to develop the algorithm with which the various blood glucose meter parameters could be objectively compared with each other, so they could give appropriate advice. The data and scoring of the blood glucose meters used here are owned by and came into being under the responsibility of the Quality Foundation for Promoting Self-Monitoring Diabetes. In addition, both the offers and the reimbursements for the patient's health insurers are also taken into account. After answering the questions using the decision aid tool, you can see at a glance which meters are optimally suited to your own personal situation and are reimbursed.


The online Blood Glucose Meter Selection Aid is the result of a successful collaboration between the Dutch Diabetes Federation (NDF), Vilans knowledge centre and a community of practitioners, patients' associations, manufacturers, suppliers and health insurers (including DVN, DiHAG, V&VN Diabetes care, KNMP, NVKC, NVD)/DNO, NIV, NVK, FHI, Diagned and ZN). The decision aid was made possible in part by a financial donation from the Ministry of VWS and the Diabetes Fund.