Peercode develops Digital intake questionnaire with Triage System for UWV


The Netherlands certainly has a great social safety net for employees who become unemployed or ill compared to other countries. There are various laws and regulations that protect employees. These laws and regulations are implemented by the UWV. UWV stands for Employee Insurance Agency. The UWV provides expert and efficient implementation of employee insurance, such as the Unemployment Insurance Act, WIA, WAO, WAZ, Wazo and Sickness Benefits Act. The UWV pays around 20 billion in benefits per year.

Peercode has developed a digital intake questionnaire with triage system for people who apply for a sickness benefit. For example, an employee who leaves sick and does not have an employer. With this system, the relevant employees know through the triage result which services should be started and different specialists receive exactly the information they need and that they also receive from the viewpoint of privacy and legislation.

UWV Ziekmelding screenshot-1

Before this online system was put into use, a pilot was carried out. This pilot has been evaluated by an external agency. The conclusions of this external evaluation were that the Digital intake questionnaire ensures a more efficient and better service.

In order to deliver the system, intensive collaboration was needed with specialists from the UWV and IBM in the area of IT and with the Central Expertise Center regarding the content of the questionnaires. There are also links with IT systems from the UWV and a DigiD Middle link has been realized.

UWV Ziekmelding screenshot-3

The project went live on 1 January 2019 and by now more than 30 thousand intake questionnaires have been published.

Rodrique Engering, Execution Director Division pay UWV:
“We know Peercode as a very capable and reliable supplier. Their knowledge, expertise, but especially flexible and decisive attitude have ensured that we have met the deadline of 1 January. There is no question that remained unanswered or problem unresolved. And that usually in a very short time. Above all, nice colleagues where the result for UWV always gets the highest priority.”

Joachim Jansen, project leader Peercode:
“Peercode is extremely proud that this complex process, which could only be realized if different disciplines, different organizations and different systems worked together constructively and efficiently, has been realized so successfully in a relatively short time.“