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Peercode extends collaboration with Fontys Hogeschool ICT as a Partner in Education


On the 7th of May, 2019 Ad Vissers, director of the Fontys Hogeschool ICT and Govert de Vries, director of Peercode, extended and formally ratified their 4-year collaboration by signing a new cooperation agreement.

For Fontys University of Applied Sciences, School for ICT (FHICT) the development of the student to a professional for the job market is central. Besides offering a high quality education it is of the utmost importance a student becomes intensly acquinted with the world of business during their education. That is why FHICT for years now has been working with the professional field of the education. These are long lasting relations in which FHICT introduces businesses to their future employees. The businesses show to the students what it is like in the professional field.

By now Fontys School for ICT has more than 100 Partners in Education.
Peercode has been one of the Partners in Education of Fontys School for ICT for more than 4 years.

Govert de Vries from Peercode: “Our co-operation with Fontys ICT is inspiring for our team because it does force us to explore new techniques and concepts together with bright students.”

Ondertekening verlenging partnership Fontys Hogeschool

Signing of Partners in Education contract by Ad Vissers, Director Fontys College ICT (left) and Govert de Vries, director of Peercode (right)