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Peercode has been certified for NEN7510


In the Dutch healthcare sector, NEN 7510 is the standard for information security. This NEN 7510 certification is often also requested from data processing suppliers.

19.293 DigiTrust NEN7510 keurmerk

NEN 7510 is a Dutch standard, based on the international standard ISO 27001, which describes which measures must be taken to handle patient data correctly. This is also known as information security in healthcare. The measures taken ensure that the processes surrounding information security run in a controlled manner. They relate to all possible forms in which patient data is processed.

An important part of the NEN 7510 is protection against cybercrime. Think of the availability of data through backups or rights structures. The confidentiality of data is important to prevent data leaks and to prevent exploitation through phishing or ransomware. Thirdly, the integrity of data is examined, for example through logging and change management.

Peercode has been ISO27001 and ISO13485 certified for years, and now also for the NEN7510.