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Innovative E-Health Support at University of Amsterdam


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences proudly shares the outcomes of their recent study titled "LIFELINE: eHealth to Support Exercise after Critical Illness." Conducted by Nadine Florisson MSc, Mel Major PhD, and Marike van der Schaaf PhD, the research focused on utilizing the 'Atris' app to monitor and assist patients after intensive care.

The objective was to enhance the existing Atris app into a smart, user-friendly, and accessible mobile app for use in the physiotherapeutic treatment of patients with PICS (Post-Intensive Care Syndrome) and/or Long Covid.

During the LIFELINE Pilot Study, where Atris 2.0 was tested on patients receiving COVID recovery care, the app received positive feedback. Patients appreciated its user-friendliness, noting that it helped them better understand their recovery process and set their personal limits. Physiotherapists highlighted the value of monitoring, particularly when the app complemented the treatment.

Poster: 'LIFELINE: ehealth to inform exercise after critical illness'