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What services does Peercode deliver?

Custom products

We also work on innovative solutions outside the domain of health and exercise. Our software is developed as a result of specific assignments from clients. Whether it is a new web shop or an extensive tracking system for parcel services, we are happy to think along with you and we deliver customised solutions.

Our own innovative products

Sometimes, we ourselves have an idea for a product or service that is not based on an assignment not based on an assignment, but that is worthwhile to examine and to work out. This was also the case with the game console for children that can be used outdoors; Swinxs.
But also with the Brandweer Coach App and, coming soon, the OperatieCoach App.

Web hosting

We offer our clients a state-of-the-art solution based on geo-redundant data centers with no single point of failure and a guaranteed maximum availability.

Health coaching

A growing number of people are looking for new ways to work on sport, health and exercise. People want precise feedback and the best personal coaching. Peercode uses modern technology to satisfy that need. In cooperation with renowned athletes, coaches and trainers, Peercode develops services that help both top athletes and beginners to improve their condition and skills.


The cost increases of Dutch healthcare seem unstoppable. Part of the solution lies in innovative ICT solutions, such as the e-Health apps. In cooperation with our clients, we develop interactive e-health applications, as a result of which the patient is no longer a passive user of health care. With the help of a wide range of tools and tests, the patient is better able to better manage his/her own health. In cooperation with the doctors, the patient has control over his own life and illness.

ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and ISO 13485 certified

Peercode has also placed a priority on privacy and security for many years. For this, we have formulated a number of policy principles. We work based on an ethics code and are ISO 27001 certified. ISO 13485 is the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems for medical software and devices. In addition, our medical device software tools are now officially certified under Annex IX of the EU MDR.

Quality and Regulatory Consultancy

Peercode offers clients quality and regulatory consultancy services. This includes, quality and regulatory advice, auditing, training and implementation activities on projects in the field of medical devices. The activities are focused on the development of Technical Documentation for product certification or clinical investigation submissions (IMDD), improving Quality Management Systems and to any other agreed upon task in compliance with ISO13485 and/or EU MDR requirements.

At Peercode we put priority on quality and client contact. We have successfully developed, brought to market and maintained 7 Medical Software Devices. We are ISO13485 certified and our medical device products are officially certified under Annex IX of the EU MDR. Peercode's services extent to small and large clients for both software and non-software medical devices of all risk classes.